Enterprises know that employing thousands of workers has its challenges in managing their employees and their payroll.

DotX has developed a 100% customizable digital HR and payroll software that is able to compute thousands of payroll with different formulas and conditions. In fact, there is no limit to what our software can do.

We can also integrate our software into your existing business process, so it’s business as usual, but 10x better.


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DotX also automates your employee recruitment and can not only post job advertisements on job boards such as LinkedIn or Telegram groups, but can also process candidate applications, including video applications, complete background checks, schedule interviews and automatically set up the successful candidate’s payroll. (This feature is coming in 2021)

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Communication 1


Communication 1


Communicate efficiently with your employees with our secure internal communication system. Allow your employees to self-scan documents including sick notes, update personal details, take routine online tests and complete essential e-learning.


DotX Payroll

Human Resources

DotX HR & Payroll solution is 100% customizable and can be integrated into your existing business process. With the support of our team of dedicated developers and analysts, we provide your company with a dedicated full-time technician to support you at all times.

DotX Payroll
Boost Effeciency


Boost Effeciency


Automate your Payroll process with DotX. Our Payroll solution is 100% customizable and our dedicated team of developers are available on a full-time basis to help you continuously improve and integrate our technology with your existing systems.

Your systems will become more and more integrated over time. This means reducing manual work, risk of errors & fraud.


DotX Banking and Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

The DotX app allows payroll to be transferred electronically using a bank account. Workers can withdraw money from ATMs or make transactions on their mobile app.

DotX app also offers your workers the ability to self update their own details, submit forms, view payslip, and perform the day to day business processes digitally.

DotX app is 100% customizable to your company’s requirements, functionality and branding.

DotX Banking and Financial Services
achievement min


achievement min


Reward your employees for their performance with our fully customisable reward system, complete with peer to peer reviews and historical data.


DotX Discover


DotX’s reporting is 100% customizable, meaning if your managers are used to seeing the reports in one particular format, then we can produce the exact same format even after using our system. With DotX, it’s business as usual but better and faster.

Furthermore, our system is able to analyze your organization’s data. Using big data analytics, we can provide your company with data that will boost your company ahead of your competitors.

DotX Discover

Feature list

  • Integrate job posting systems on your corporate website
  • Job applicants can upload CV, login and manage their personal information
  • AI (Artificial intelligence) will select the best candidate for you to interview first
  • Maintain a database of job applicants for future job openings

All of the above can be customised to suit your business

  • Create, manage and keep track of all employment contracts
  • Multilevel approvals with online signatures
  • Self manage employee data, including uploading of files
  • Face ID verification so only approved employees can access their own data
  • Create payroll rules, calculations with unlimited variables to automate payroll calculation
  • Calculate payroll by seconds, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, plus any other variables required
  • Automatically pull data from fingerprint or any other attendance system or use our mobile app for attendance
  • Our software will calculate payroll automatically, in real time
  • Manage edits, variables and other adjustments with ease
  • PPH & BPJS calculation separately or together

All of the above can be customised to suit your business.

We promise to eliminate manual work and reduce payroll time by 95%.

  • Employees can apply for loans from the app
  • Payroll can approve or reject loans
  • Credit can be limited by employee, departments or job roles
  • Approved credit will automatically update payroll

All of the above can be customised to suit your business.

  • Disburse payments to all workers
  • Disburse payments to different bank accounts
  • Eliminate cash payments, withdraw salary from ATM using cardless cash withdrawal
  • Transfer salary from the DotX App
  • Eliminate the need for workers to open a bank account

All of the above can be customised to suit your business.

  • Pricing is Rp17,000 down to Rp2,500 per employee, per month
  • The price decreases if you have more employees
  • The price includes all inclusions, there are no extras to pay
  • The price includes unlimited customisations
  • Please contact us for a customised pricing