DotX is a Digital Onboarding Toolkit for enterprises to recruit, onboard workers, manage human resources, process payroll, and disburse payments from one platform.

The DotX mobile app offers a new Experience for workers to work and control their finances.

To be the leading payroll for enterprises and financial platform unbanked workers in Indonesia, contributing to making life better for vulnerable groups through socially responsible products and services.

To provide solutions that will help make a significant improvement on our client’s bottom line and an impactful financial inclusion company in Indonesia by transitioning cash-based payroll to bank-based payroll.

At DotX, one of our core values is to face big challenges. We believe in treating people fairly, holding high ethical standards, and communicate a vision for putting ethics before short-term interests.

Our Team

We have over 25 developers, analysts and domain experts to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Helping workers save money min
Increasing Profitability

Through Social Impact

Our solution not only saves your organisation time and money; we also provide your workers with financial education and services that would help them become more financially independent.

Financially Independent Workers Are Happier, More Focused, and More Productive Workers

To back up this claim with data, we invite you to start an impact analysis project with our team. It’s a free service from DotX.

Kamilia Salsabila
Impact Assessment Analyst, DotX
Email: [email protected]